David Dumbrell, Automata Maker


David Dumbrell, Sculptor

We are delighted to announce that David Dumbrell will be our first presenter. David is a sculptor, or more precisely, a maker of automata. He says, “An automaton is, simply put, a moving mechanical device in imitation of a human or animal figure. (Plural: automata.) The art of automata goes back many centuries, usually crafted by superb watchmakers.  Their creations combined exquisite art with precise mechanism.”

As a picture is worth a thousand words, in this case, a video is worth even more, so view his work here: http://www.davestudiorama.com/videos.html

Jackie Conradi-Robertson, President of Artists in Our Midst, will introduce David and share updates on the June West Side Art Walk. http://www.artistsinourmidst.com

Your Salonnieres:

Mary Bennett, (marybennett.net), visual artist and community catalyst
Kira Van Deusen, (kiravan.com) storyteller, writer, musician.

Date: Sunday, May 29, 2016

Place: David Eby’s Community Office, 2909 West Broadway (at Bayswater)

Time: 6-7 pm Potluck food; 7-8 pm Presentation and Q&A; 8-9 pm Socialize and network

Bring: Dessert or finger food for sharing. There will be a networking table for flyers and cards about upcoming performances and exhibitions.

The space is Zero-Waste. Please bring your own plate, napkin, cup etc.

Sharing Station: Bring a book; take a book; or CDs, DVDs, art supplies etc..

Blog: CreativeNeighboursSalon.wordpress.com

Questions? Contact Mary@marybennett.net

RSVP: http://creative-neighbours.eventbrite.ca

Volunteer help for set-up; promotion, photography, interviewing artists gratefully received.

Thank you to Vancouver Foundation for funding this project and to Kits House for administering the Neighbourhood Small Grants program in Vancouver’s West Side


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