Salon #7: Why D.I.Y.? Your Neighbours Share Their Passion for Do-It-Yourself Gifts and Decor

Why D.I.Y.? Your Neighbours Share Their Passion for Do-It-Yourself Gifts and Decor
christmasboxes coil-baskettammy
As we begin to enter the holiday season, we are faced with much encouragement to consume commercial goods. These neighbours will share with you some of their arts and crafts responses to gift-making and holiday decor.

Those sharing one of their favorite creations are:

  • Mary Bennett – tree decorations from recycled milk jugs
  • Tammy Delaney – basket shrinkydinktreedecorations
    from plastic bags
  • Leah Price – shrinky dinks
  • Charlett Roth – gift boxes from old Christmas cards
  • Joanne Brown – cards

  • Make gift boxes from old Xmas or greeting cards.  Bring along some cards to get started.

Each presenter will take 5-10 minutes to talk about their own approach to a DI


Card by Joanne Brown

Y holiday season and possibly demonstrate how to make one of their favorite crafts.

Our Creative Neighbours Salons are all about getting acquainted with each others’ creative sides so if you’d like to brin


Birds from milk jugs

g along one of your own arts-and-crafts items for display on our networking table, we’d like you to do so.

As always, 6-7 and 8-9 are conversation and sharing (potluck)snacks and dessert.

Presentation is 7-8 pm.

Location: 2909 West Broadway

Date: Sunday November 27

FREE – but please RSVP

This is the final salon in the 2016 season.

What will happen with the salons for 2017?

We are pleased to say that Billy Wittman will be joining Kira and Mary to organize salons in the new year. We are wanting at least one more person to join the 2017 team. Is it you?

We will likely apply for a 2017 Neighbourhood Small Grant for funds to advertise, decorate and thank presenters.




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