Salon #12: The Art of Astrology with Jodie Miller

16th century — Woodcut of a Man Exploring the Meeting of the Earth and the Sky from by Camille Flammarion — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

The Art of Astrology

The stars have inspired humankind to philosophize and contemplate their destiny for millennia, and this rich history has been reflected through a vast array of artwork since the practice of astrology began.

But what is astrology? Is it an art form, a science, psychology, divination or mere hocus pocus?

Jodie Miller is a Master’s student of ‘Myth, Cosmology and the Sacred’ at Canterbury Christ Church University and is enrolled at the London Faculty of Astrological Studies. Join us as Jodie gives a presentation on how our view of the cosmos has shaped our views of astrology, and how this has been reflected through the arts.

We will discuss how astrology, the language of the stars, became separated from astronomy, the measurement of the stars, reflect on the symbols and mythologies interwoven with astrology and examine some works of art such as Botticelli’s Primavera to reveal their deeper meaning.

stars.jpgFollowing the presentation, you are invited to create a collage based on the astrological images associated with your sun sign. All materials will be provided however please feel free to bring along any favourite images if you wish.

Date: Sunday, September 24, 2017

Place: David Eby MLA’s Community Office, 2909 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6K 2G6

Time: 6-7 pm Potluck food; 7-8 pm Presenter; 8-9 pm Socialize and network

Bring: Dessert or finger food for sharing

Cost: FREE!


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